It began innocently enough with a short news item that I’d written and posted on Facebook…

FORGETTING THE CONSTITUTION: Leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee are disagreeing on the Supreme Court nomination process in an election year. Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said it is “standard practice” not to confirm nominees during presidential elections. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said waiting would be a “dereliction of duty.”

Eric Taylor: Last time a SCOTUS justice died while still on the bench, they had a new one in less than a month (2005.) Reagan also appointed Justice Kennedy during his lame duck year in 1988. That’s the “standard practice” GOP asshats are nothing if not brazen hypocrites.

Me: The most recent declaration that there should be no new Justice’s appointed until a new President was elected came from Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer in 2007. So before calling anyone an asshat you need to know what the hell you’re talking about.

Eric Taylor: The problem with that narrative of yours is that there were no SCOTUS openings in 2007. Alito got appointed in 2006 and there were no more openings until 2009. I’m not sure if Schumer said that or not (I can only find citations from right-wing nut job websites), but if he said it in 2007, it meant precisely squat because there wasn’t actually an opening on the court, or any nomination pending.

Me: Here I presented evidence in the form of a YouTube Video entitle, “Senator Schumer on Roberts and Alito ( And please don’t try and change the argument since you set it up.

Eric Taylor: Again, it was in 2007. No openings then so his statement was moot, at best. Also, his comment was somewhat regretful for his own votes confirming Roberts and Alito in 2005 and 2006 when they were (relatively) rushed through the nomination process by the GOP-controlled Senate. Finally, Schumer also said they should block nominees “unless there were extraordinary circumstances.” I’d say a vacancy on the court would qualify as extraordinary circumstances. In any event, while the GOP certainly doesn’t have the entire hypocrisy market cornered, they are certainly more brazen about, mostly because the lapdog media never calls them on it.

Me: Does not matter — it was stated by Schumer in 2007. Period!

Eric Taylor: Context is important

Me: Again trying to change the argument by adding something to it that wasn’t a part of the original argument.

Eric Taylor: I’m not changing anything by adding actual facts and context. Did you even read anything I wrote? I’m sorry I put some big words in there.

Me: This was the crux of your argument: “GOP asshats are nothing if not brazen hypocrites.” I countered with the fact that Schumer made the same comments in 2007, then backed it up with a video of him saying what I had claimed. You on the other hand tried to change the argument by trying to show that there was not confirmations planned, with wasn’t part of your original statement, then you added ‘ context,’ and to your argument and finally you’ve become insulting which is the true sign of a person who has no argument. You are a Progressive, through and through. So you can comment again — but I’ve proven my point and you’ll jus’ end up looking like the asshat in the end.

Eric Taylor: Through all of that you never addressed my original point and clung to your straw man argument even after I repeatedly minimized it.

Too be honest, I still don’t think he ever understood his original argument to begin with after all, both parties have their ‘asshats.’


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