Progressive Politician Calls for Restricting Free Speech

Former Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore is criticizing the compliant media for giving free air time to Donald Trump. Gilmore also accused the Republican National Committee of outsourcing the debates to the networks, resulting in “a food fight that looks like the Jerry Springer show.”

“He also by the way said he didn’t have to spend any money because he gets all free broadcasting. And that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re giving him free time right now. And that’s an issue that has to be addressed in the future, as the FCC needs to address this problem of the free advertising they’re giving to selected candidates like Donald Trump,” Gilmore said.

As of February 20, the network evening shows of ABC, CBS and NBC have devoted 51 percent of all their coverage of Republican candidates to Trump. Comparatively, the next two most covered candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, received 25 and 10 percent of the coverage, respectively.

He also said he would support the eventual Republican nominee to avoid another Democrat in the White House.

“I intend to endorse and support the Republican candidate for president because the alternative is either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders,” she said, adding, “They’re both talking about giving away everything and not doing anything to grow the economy.”

Gilmore, a former governor of Virginia, ended his presidential campaign on February 12 after poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, which is a good thing, seeing how he wants to restrict the First Amendment. It’s amazing how Progressive eventually show their true colors, isn’t it?


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