The Esau Effect

As I sat reading Genesis 25 and 26 — the story of Esau and Jacob — a tiny thought crept its way into my brain and lodge itself there so it could fester. I went to bed thinking of the two brothers and their life-long struggle over birthrights and blessings and I awoke to the same come the next day.

There was a lesson in the story, but I had to find it before I could share it. I had to understand it before I could find the lesson and why the story had become so overwhelming to me.

It took me a week to winnow things out. In the end it came down to Esau, who also in the end lost both his birthright, first through stupidity and then secondly, his father’s blessing through trickery.

I’ve boiled it down to this: Have we lost our birthright because of our stupidity and are we about to lose our blessings from our Father due to trickery?

Since childhood, I’ve watched as the American people have given up their God-given rights without so much as a fuss or a whimper. In that same time I’ve witnessed our Constitutional Republic slip closer and closer to a democracy – which in the end is the greatest wish of the Anarchists.

(Democracy with a lower case ‘d’ is a social condition of classlessness and equality; Anarchy is a state of disorder due to the absence or non-recognition of authority. Thus democracy eventually falls away into anarchy due to the human condition.)

And every four years I’ve watched as candidates come and go, many providing pledges and services that they cannot hope to provide. Yet, the people fall for the trickery because of their stupidity.

As I see the juggernaut that is the Donald Trump campaign, I can’t help but see the pattern Esau fell for twice. First is the taking of our birthright, and then comes the taking of all our blessings.

Here is why I see it the way I do: Trump is not a part of the ‘establishment,’ an outsider to the Republican electoral processes and thus hated for his current success. However the people love him for his brash-outspokenness and ability to channel their anger from what they see as an injustice done to the nation they love.

Yet they are blind in my opinion to the back room deals being made to keep the king from the throne. Yes, I’m claiming that the Progressive Democratic Party and the Progressive Republican Party are working hand in hand with one another to prevent Trump from winning the presidency, because he’ll upset the ‘things as they are’ way of Washington D.C. politics and not in a good way.

Many people have mistaken Trump’s tough-talking rhetoric for strong American leadership, when in fact it is far from that of a leader. Plainly stated, Trump is an angry, narcissistic, bully of a man as shown by these selected comments:

• “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump told Iowa supporters.

• “I mean I had a rating – 68-percent would not leave under any circumstance. I think that means murder, I think it means anything, OK?” Trump said of his supporters during a rally in Sparks, Nevada.

• “I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump said, about a man disrupting his rally the eve before the Nevada caucuses.

I cannot help think that anyone, big or small, who has ever crossed him in the slightest – especially during this campaign season — will be a target for his wrath should he be elected.

It isn’t hard to look back into the recent past of the 20th century to find a similar situation and to learn how it unfolded. Lutheran Preacher Dietrich Bonhoeffer comes to mind was a Lutheran Pastor who was an influential critic of Adolf Hitler and Nazism.

He publicly spoke against the Nazi policy of euthanasia and the murder of Jews. The day Hitler became the Fuehrer, he had Bonhoeffer arrested and imprisoned and eventually executed in May 1945.

And before you accuse me of claiming Trump is the next Hitler, let me go on record to say that I do not believe for a second. I am simply using this historical reference to make my point that we are going down a road that can have no good outcome for America or her people.

Lastly, I’m not advocating voting for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. On the contrary as they are the antithesis of what America’s values are about: on the one hand you have a woman whose plagued by her own egotistical dishonesty while on the other you have a man who is an avowed Socialist, a believer in a system of governance that has led to the death of millions around the world.

Neither is a Constitutional candidate. But then again neither is Trump.

So how does the story of Esau turn out? Esau’s attitude is too common today as far too many cry out, “Give me what I want. I want it now. I want it regardless of its cost. Give me my indulgences — I do not care about the consequences!”

We are Esau and we’re about to suffer a horrible trick.


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