Obama Screws Nevada Environmentalists

A recently created national monument designed to ‘safeguard’ a huge piece of central Nevada is about to get a new oil well. The Bureau of Land Management says Nevada’s biggest oil producer can drill in the Basin and Range National Monument designated by President Obama in July 2015.

Makoil plans to sink a well 7,500 feet deep in search of oil in a dry lake bed in Lincoln County. The BLM issued the company a 10-year oil lease after it applied for a permit to drill in July 2014, a year before Obama designated the monument using his executive authority under the Antiquities Act.

That means the agency’s bureaucrats knew in advance that oil drilling was to occur within the monuments boundaries. It is hard not to chuckle — at least a little after all the crowing environmentalist did after Obama signed the order.

“Permanent protection allows current outdoor recreation and current valid land use such as grazing, to continue,” Friends of Nevada Wilderness proclaimed after the designation, adding, “In addition, the Bureau of Land Management will be prevented from selling any land or granting permits for oil or mineral prospecting in order to preserve wildlife habitat, archaeological sites and other natural and cultural resources in the region.”

It’s actually kind of fun to watch environmental wackos get screwed by the Obama Administration. Now, if only Nevada would screw over the BLM, kicking them out of the state using Article I, Sec. 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution.


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