My Challenge to Me

Recently, I issued a challenge to myself to post more patriotic items than news items on Facebook:

“Over the weekend, somewhere between a silly thousand foot water slide and the excessively loud roar of thundering motorbikes, I came to realize that we don’t need more ‘news feeds’ to worsen or moods — we need “feeds of patriotic encouragement.” And we need them from one another because neither the government nor the media can or will do it for us.”

Unfortunately, I forgot that patriotic fervor is useless when we don’t know or understand why we feel about our nation as we do. Such enthusiasm is nothing more than nationalism as those in the Progressive party like to express it.

That patriotic devotion that beats within your breast and mine is good for the nation – and bad for the Statist. The only way we can avoid this Progressive pitfall is through educating each other.

Not only must we know and understand our history beyond our founding documents and their authors, we must know what is happening in our lives now. If we study each at the same time, we are sure to see how we have slipped from our mantle of greatness into a debauched society.

Furthermore, we will see the narrow path and the wide gate which leads the way back to being that shining city on the hill once again.


Let me know what you think...

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