The Submissive Wife…or Not

When I saw Ghazala Khan standing next to her husband as he spoke at the DNC, waving his pocket Constitution around, and she never attempted to step up to the microphone, I thought nothing of it as I have seen that behavior in the Middle East before. The wife’s submissiveness to the husband is complete throughout much of that region.

The first time I was there, the men walked several feet ahead of the woman because that is one of the many ways a wife shows her submissiveness to her husband. The next time I was there, I saw that the roles had reversed as I observed the women walking ahead of the men.

Soon I figured out why. It was better for the woman to trip a land mine and get blown all to hell, than the man, which I thought showed a lack of courage of the husband’s part, because in my ‘world,’ the husband does everything he can to protect his wife.

So when Donald Trump questioned whether she was not “allowed” to speak, I wasn’t surprised at that. What did surprise me is the realization that he vocalize what I had already thought, but had never said.

Guess that makes me an asshole, too…


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