Watergate: Where the Key is the Key

Thanks to the Central Intelligence Agency, Watergate historians now have the answer to a major question that’s plagued them for more than 40 years: Why did Eugenio Martinez have a key to the desk of DNC secretary Ida “Maxie” Wells, whose phone was the only one wiretapped?

Simply put, Martinez, also known as “Musculito,” was a CIA double agent — a plant — and was used to expose the scandal. Martinez who was arrested with the others at the time of the so-called ‘break-in’ was only referred to him as an “informant” during the investigations and subsequent hearings.

Unfortunately, among the 155-pages of the study, titled ‘Working Draft – CIA Watergate History,’ the names of two CIA case officers to whom Martinez reported are still redacted. The report, originally compiled by John C. Richards, a CIA officer who died in December 1974, was finished by Agency colleagues who built on his typed draft and handwritten annotations.

It can be stated that while the CIA cannot overthrow a Cuban dictator, it certainly can destroy an American president.


2 thoughts on “Watergate: Where the Key is the Key

  1. I don’t know how many people have considered that Nixon’s crime was covering up what happened. He never planned nor executed any crime. However, Hillary violated National Security laws and nothing is going to happen to her! She likely has jeopardized the lives of CIA operatives and perhaps others. It appears that at least one of those agents has already been executed. She may well have revealed classified information to many nations who would love that information. Nixon never jeopardized the security of the nation, nor did any of the others who conducted the Watergate operation. Our justice system is a shambles because of this woman, and yet it appears she may be our next president! God forgive us!


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