Biblical Disease or Federal Disaster?

Two possible cases of Hansen’s disease, otherwise known as leprosy, are under investigation in the Jurupa Unified School District, Riverside, California. Now the Riverside County Public Health Department is working to investigate and confirm whether the diagnoses are accurate.

The disease, which is spread through saliva or nasal mucus, mainly affects the eyes, the upper respiratory tract, and the surface nerves of the skin, which can eventually destroy the sensation in, for example, the feet, hands or face. Most online information sources list Africa and Asia as the two continents where the disease is most prevalent.

In addition to the recent report from California, there were several cases also reported in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. The outbreak in the southern states was blamed on the lowly armadillo, the only non-human creature that’s known to carry the bacteria that causes leprosy.

This conclusion was drawn from a study conducted by Dr. Richard W. Truman and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, linking 30-40 cases of leprosy in the U.S. to armadillos. Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims there are 6,500 cases of leprosy throughout the U.S.

This leaves 6,460 to 6,470 cases not caused by armadillos run-amok, including the two suspected cases in California. It’s the one thing not being mentioned by the Progressive media as they supposedly report on this Biblical disease – the Obama administration’s unlawful refugee resettlement program.


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