Nevada Candidate Starts Where Harry Reid Leaves Off

The Thornton Law Firm in Boston, Massachusetts gave partners bonus checks that mirrored their political contributions, a violation of federal law. Now those ‘gifted’ politician’s who received the money are ‘trying’ to return the ‘donations.’

They are all Democrats and include New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan and Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold who received $100 thousand; Pennsylvania’s Katie McGinty and Missouri Attorney General Jason Kander who each who got $25,000; Florida Congressman Patrick Murphy received $21,800; Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and Illinois Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth each received $22,500; Former Ohio Senator Ted Strickland received $12,500; Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren each received more than $10,000. Finally, Nevada Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto received $23,300.

This is the same scam Harry Reid ran in 2007. Back then, Reid met with one of his closest friends and supporters, Harvey Whittemore, who promised Reid he would raise $150,000 for his upcoming reelection campaign. Whittemore, his wife, and company contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Reid’s election campaigns and to Reid’s leadership fund, which was used to aid Reid’s allies and is said to have helped Reid attain his leadership position.

A grand jury convened in late February 2012 to investigate the illegal campaign contributions. Whittemore was found guilty by a federal jury of three out of four felony charges in May 2013, sent to jail for two years and fined $100,000.

Oh – and did I mention that Nevada Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, who is running against Congressman Joe Heck for Reid’s soon-to-be-vacated senate seat, received $23,300 from Thornton?


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