Following a couple of night and days of cold, in this case below 10-degrees, it has been pleasant to feel some warmth on my exposed skin. Though there were still some high clouds, the sun managed to filter down giving the landscape of our backyard a slight glow.


Grabbing my camera, I snapped a couple of pictures of what had once been a pristine five-inch layer of snow. But now, the dogs were dashing about enjoying the change of weather.

At least in the snow – you are able to figure out where and where not to step.


Our neighbor’s have a beautiful plant that has volunteered itself to our yard by growing underneath the fence line. And though I’ve been told the name of the plant at least three times, I can never remember it when called upon.

Its orange-red buds remain while the rest of the plant has gone bare of leaves. These same buds look brilliant under a thick blanket of snow and even more brilliant with a wisp of sunshine reflecting off of them.


Some even have icicles hanging from them.


Looking at other plants in our yard, it was hard not to notice the ice that had frozen around the rose bushes, encasing each branch in a massive glazed chunk.


Furthermore, the iron workings that surround my wife’s rose garden was also sheathed in a crystalline coating of once thawed-now frozen snow.


By nightfall, rain clouds replaced the high clouds and the warmth had evaporated into the darkness. In it’s place came a heavy drizzle, which followed shortly by winds and an eight-hour long shower.

This is the perfect recipe for a flood — for which the entirety of Northeastern Nevada is now assembling against. I’m hoping it will be a flood like the one in 1986 – not 1997 and 2005.


Icicles and Sunshine


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