Playstation Possessed

Kyle brought home a Sony Playstation he was given by friend. We immediately set it up on our TV stand and plugged it in.

Over the next few months I would walk into the living room and notice that it was on even though nobody had used in days. This became a common event leaving me to comment to my son, “The damned thing’s possessed.”

We both laughed as we decided on what movie to watch using the console.

Eventually Kyle tired of the piece of electronics and he decided to sell it to a ‘used game’ store. He helped pay for his first cell phone with the money received.

With the recent Wikileaks revelation that the CIA — using proprietary software design by Britain’s MI-5 — hacked into the manufacturing process of Samsung’s Smart TV technology, I’m wondering how far off the mark I really had been in 2013.


What’s in a Word?

Our founding fathers were considered Liberal in their day. During Teddy Roosevelt’s day Progressives commandeered the word, ‘liberal’ and dispossessed it of its meaning as defined by Noah Webster.

This is about the same time the federal government began its encroachment on education. Thus, generations of Americans have no true knowledge of its definition or the Constitutionally historic meaning of the term ‘liberal.’