God’s Toe Nails

Scientists say that the universe is expanding. This is undetectable to the naked eye – so we must take their word for it.

Here’s another ‘fact’ I cannot prove: we sluff off our outer skin cells during every seven year period. If this is so, then I am definitely not the man I was back then  — but I have yet to find any medical literature proving this or explaining if the same is true of our innards.

The first time I heard this I was around 10 years old and was struck by the weirdest idea: Could the manna that fell from Heaven to feed the Israelites in the desert be the decayed skin cells from God’s body? Sorry, I got sidetracked…

Anyway, as for growth, the realization came to me as I was cutting my toe nails, which has become more difficult over the last few years because of the expansion of my girth. At least once a month, I struggle with this task along with the trimming my fingernails.

Further, if I wish to remain clean shaven, I have to crop the growth of hair that sprouts from my chin, cheeks and neck daily. Incidentally, both hair and nail are made up of the same material.

While growing my waist-size, nails and hair are natural occurrences, I also try to grow my mind once a day. For me, reading and writing are my choices when it comes to exercising my ‘brain cells,’ especially writing, whether it is in my personal journal, an article for my blog or short, pithy sayings and jokes.

My wife isn’t particularly interested in what I write, preferring the better groomed authors who deal in historical romance novels. This is how she exercises her brain cells, and I’m okay with this.

She also enjoys doing her own thing to promote her mental health — like working out in the yard, whereas I sit at my keyboard and bang away. Out there in her yard is proof too that the universe is expanding because as the grass greens up, multitudes of dandelions pop forth throughout her landscaping efforts.

These little yellow buds used to be a bother to me and each Spring I’d set out to immediately eradicate them with great prejudice upon sight. But over the years I’ve come to understand that dandelions never learned to grown in the garden, in neat, uniformed rows.

Besides, I’ve also heard that when they bloom, the honey-bee’s aren’t far behind. Those in the know claim that it is the dandelion that the honey bee is generally first attracted to for its first meal following a winter-time dormancy.

So the growth and expansion continues across the universe as it does in my little part of the world. And while it isn’t scientific, it is none the less believable that as Sarah Young writes in “Jesus Calling,” God, who created us in His image, designed us “precariously close to deity.”

So it begs the goofy question: Does God need to trim his toe nails too?


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