Reflections in a Swimming Pool

As I sat waiting to be called into an interview for a job I really did not want, I reflected on the difficult week I was having. Then without realizing I found myself transfixed on the scene unfolding through the large office window in front of me and in the public park across the street.

A group of teachers, parents and children were splashing around in an open-air swimming pool. They looked to be enjoying themselves and I found myself smiling at their enjoyment.

Though the sun was out and it was warm when I entered the building across the street from them, the weather had begun to grow cloudy with the trees bending in a breeze. That’s about the time I noticed that it had began to rain.

What happened next is what usually happens; everyone made a mad scramble to get out of the pool and seek shelter which was the yellow school bus in the parking lot. A few minutes later, the shower dissipated and everyone returned to the pool to continue splashing, swimming and playing.

Following my interview – which I believed to have gone very well and as I drove home – I started to think about what I’d seen. As Christians, this is exactly how we tend to treat our faith: we soak it up while it’s on our terms, but when it begins to rain, we hide when we should believe.

Reflections in a Swimming Pool

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