Notes on the Media

Here’s the bubble the national media lives in: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Fort Worth. When you see political opinion polls, know that these top five markets are from where those numbers come from and with the first four being populated with Progressives, those figures are necessarily skewed to the far-left of center.

And the IS has it: Unfortunately, with a dishonest national media and unconstitutional justice system, all one needs to be IS a suspect to be considered guilty. Finally, someone needs to remind the media that during a press conference, ‘no,’ IS an entire answer.


2 thoughts on “Notes on the Media

  1. I feel like if you don’t read American news from at least Fox + one other source (because Fox is really the only right-wing major news source), you’re doing yourself a disservice. Even if you find one side of the sources to spew vile nonsense, not seeing what a large swath of people read influences (even if subtly) what you think yourself. It makes it harder to understand the ‘other side’ as human, makes it harder to understand the logic that someone with different opinions might follow.

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    • I have to cut it down to two because otherwise I go mad. I usually default FOX and CNN, but I’ll throw BBC in if I need something that isn’t just a weird adaptation of the Associated Press articles. If it’s about a speech or something that has a transcript, I’ll usually try to fish out the actual transcript so that it’s not just BS snippets taken out of context.

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