Murder in Orlando is Death to Us All

While I understand the sentiment, I don’t understand the point of shutting off the lights of the Reno Arch tonight in honor of the victims of the Orlando mass shooting. And while I agree with Mayor Hillary Schieve, who states on her official FB page, “It is more important than ever that the LGBTQ community knows that they have the love and support of the Biggest Little City knows that they have the love and support of the Biggest Little City,” such activity does not throw light on the real problem.

This is but another way to “bury our heads in the sand” and ignore the truest of facts: that the U.S. has a real problem — an evil plague known as radical Islamic terrorism. We need to start calling it by its real name!

Finally, we cannot secure the safety of a small fragment of our society if we stay unwilling to protect the safety of our entire society. This is what is wrong with our nation today, we’ve been fragmented to the point that we seem not to care even one iota for our brothers and sisters with whom me may disagree.

It is time for Americans of all stripes to take back our common society, our moral virtues and our country.

Those of the LGTBQ persuasion must realize by now that it isn’t your average ‘Christian, Conservative, Caucasian’ male that’s bent on destroying their lives. Rather it is the very people who ‘claim’ they are trying to protect you from us – the Progressive.

It is the Progressive who refuses to use the words ‘Radical Islamic Terrorist,’ or even tell the truth when that truth is so plainly laid out before them. Not once have I seen a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, as reprehensible as they are, pick up a fire arm and kill or main another person.

No. It is those who do not believe in our American value of ‘live and let live.’ Rather it is those who’ve let our nation become a ‘third world,’ and those who refuse to acknowledge that a twisted form of religion known as Radical Islam, which espouses hatred and death to any and all peoples who do not follow their ‘ideal of religion,’ is a threat to you and I.

Wake up! Demand your God-given right to personal security and not simply state-sponsored security.

And any man or woman who ‘picks-up’ the mantle of ‘humanitarian’ had best care for more than one ‘type’ of human. Otherwise that so-call ‘humanitarian’ is nothing more than an ‘activist.’

It is the ‘activist,’ such as the one we have in the White House, who has created social-unrest, dividing us, pitting us one against the other. Such acts, such rhetoric, such sickening action must be called out and halted in its tracks publicly.

Now is not the time to be faint of heart! We must find ourselves willing to stand shoulder to shoulder and to push back against this egregious wrong that is destroying our nation.

Lastly, I am calling on those in the media – especially the local media, my local media – to toss out that Progressive playbook known as the Associated Press Handbook on how to ‘accurately’ write and deliver the news. Simple words, common words, truthful words are far better and less deadly than the garbage that you’re forced to spew out because there is no one researching and rewrite what comes off the Internet.

“The Fourth Estate,” as Edmund Burke labeled the press, was at one time positioned to battle federal overreach and to provide correct, prompt and beneficial information to the community it served. Search yourselves; find the strength to provide that information once again in a direct and honest way and quit wasting your time plying ‘politically correct’ language to your livelihood and our lives.

The terror attack in Orlando should be a wake up call. We must take corrective action now or face more terror like this in our future.


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