Dispelling Another Media Lie

A large number of Black candidates claimed victory in yesterday’s state and local elections across the country. The media portends these results are a reaction to President Trump and Republican policies in general.

But this isn’t true…

Prior to 1964 there were very few Black people in the Democratic party. After 1964, the Democratic party became flooded with Black people.

Today, they think that the party that brought us the KKK and Jim Crow laws is winning because offices normally won by White men, are now  being won by Black candidates. But this is a myth that been perpetuated by a dishonest media for several years now.

Common sense dictates that Black Democrats will win offices because Blacks are greater in numbers within the Democratic party now than they have ever been – it is simply a matter of percentages. But don’t be fooled; the Democratic party is still the foundation for racism and unconstitutional activities in this nation.

This is the historic truth – a fact.