A Boat for the Ferryman

When the old guy, dressed in black clothes and hat, carrying a walking-stick, entered the ‘Yacht Lot,’ Silvio ignored him because he could tell the man had no money.

Silvio even tried dodging him when he turned and began walking in the salesman’s direction, but inexplicably he found the old man standing at his side anyway. Taller than Silvio, he gazed over a once broken and severely crooked nose and said, “I need a boat.”

“Anything specific, Mister…?”

“Kharun,” he answered. “Your biggest, one that can carry large numbers of people.”

“A pontoon?”

“More elegant.”

Silvio walked Mr. Kharun over to the largest boat on display. “Like this?”

“Yes. Do you take gold?”

“I guess we take gold.


Mr. Kharun handed Silvio two gold coins, “Those are for you – the rest is on your desk. Until we meet again — and we will.”

Silvio turned to look in that direction, then quickly turned back, but by then Mr. Kharun had disappeared – and so had the multimillion dollar boat. All that remained was a fog-like wisp of smoke and the odor of cedar oil and strong wine.