Farewell to ‘Dode’ Lockhart and Chuck Blackburn

Childhood has a way of slipping by in the most painful way — through the spector of death. I came to this conclusion again after finding the name’s of two people I’ve known, listed in the obituary section of Crescent City, California’s local paper.

Brad ‘Dode’ Lockhart and I went to Del Norte High together. He was born in Dallas, Oregon March 20, 1962. Born without the ability to grow hair, Dode took all the teasing dished out to him in stride and it’s became clear he still had his sense of humor about it, judging from the obituary photo in the paper, where he’s seen wearing a shirt reading, “I’m too sexy for my hair, that’s how come it isn’t there.”

The other passing is that of Chuck Blackburn who was born July 8, 1936, in North Creek, New York and died March 13, 2018 at the age of 81. Chuck was a real renaissance man as not only was he a Del Norte High School PE teacher for over three-decades, he was also a sport announcer,  a newspaper columnist, a county supervisor and an author.

It’s truly a blessing to have known both men — even if it were only for a short period in my life.


6 thoughts on “Farewell to ‘Dode’ Lockhart and Chuck Blackburn

  1. I went to school with Dode. You couldn’t miss him in the halls. I think he was closer to 7′ then 6′ naturally he played basketball ball and wore his letter jacket. Always smiling. His little sister Lucky could talk all day and not say a word. Chuck Blackburn and Dode would play basketball 1 on 1 after school. They were Jock’s. They will be remembered by everyone they met

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    • I remember them playing one-on-one after school, too. Someone once called Dode a ‘hairless Bigfoot,’ which wasn’t very nice, but he laughed it off like it was nothing. Couple of nice guys.


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