Skipping to My Lou

“[And] I am no longer competent at skipping.” – Robert Fulghum

After reading this single sentence, it got me to thinking, “Do I even remember how to skip anymore?” After all, I recall that as a child I used to skip all the time – especially if I were playing with my brother and sisters.

The following day, which happened to be one the rainiest days of the year in Northern Nevada, I challenged myself to find out. And much to my displeasure, I learned that I’d forgotten.

Instead of remaining defeated, I acted on my better nature, re-teaching myself how to skip. I am certain that my neighbors now think that my cheese has slipped off my cracker.

So what! I’ve never let a little embarrassment stop me from reaching a goal, no matter how insignificant it might seem to others.

It took about half-an-hour for the memory-muscles to return and before long I was sailing up and down the street like a pro. Perhaps, next time I’ll try my hand at cartwheels, followed by somersaults, then jumping rope.

First though, does anyone wanna join me in a game of tag?


2 thoughts on “Skipping to My Lou

  1. When I taught PE, I was amazed at the number of 6th graders who had not yet mastered the art of skipping. I’m glad you woke those old muscle memories up, my friend.

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