Drawing the Line

Flying. It’s jus’ not my thing anymore — at least commercially.

The prices are too high. You have to get to the airport much too early for your flight. And crowds, crowds, crowds.

Then there’s the long lines leading up to and through security. Take-off your belt, take-off your shoes, get wanded, pat-down and a full-body x-ray.

And lord help you if you fail to follow the rules about how much liquid your allowed or you have an old fashioned-shaver with an old-fashioned straight-edged razor blade in it. So many rules!

Once beyond the security check point, the food is too pricey. Restroom smell like — well, you know… And the seats are uncomfortable and the floors is even worse if you get stuck overnight in the facility.

But I had to take the flight. It was the only way I could get back home in time for the funeral and my family was expecting me.

There are times I’ve found when I must set aside my personal phobias, bite the bullet and do what must be done. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit next to a crazy lady and her so-called emotional support animal.

Worse than flying commercial these days is my fear of Great White sharks. I’ve seen ‘Jaws,’ and it doesn’t end well — at least not for everyone.