After the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

“So, dad,” the boy started.

“Yeah?” the father answered.

“How did man first figure out that a cow tasted good cooked?”

“That’s an odd question, kiddo.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Really? You couldn’t ask me about why the grass is green or the sky is blue?”

“Oh, Dad, those are easy questions with easy answers.”

“So, you know why grass is green?”

‘Chlor…um…uh…how do you say that word?


“Yeah, that one.”

“I’m very impressed!”

“So how did man figure out how good cow meat tastes when cooked?”

“Well, you know that nursery rhyme I used to tell you about the ‘cow that jumped over the moon?’”


“It’s based on a true story.”


“Yup. What the nursery rhyme doesn’t say is what happens after the cow jumps over the moon.”


“Because it was bad. The cow burned up reentering Earth’s atmosphere. It was Neanderthal’s that found the cow and they ate some of it. That’s how we know eating cooked beef is okay.”

“Wow, Dad. You sure are smart. I can’t wait to tell my teacher.”