Goodbye, President McKinley’s Statue

Nearly eight years ago I wrote a short history about how the statue of President William McKinley came to grace the town square of Arcata, California. This was long before the idea that removing statues and other symbols, because they were somehow offensive, became a political tool, weaponized to rewrite U.S. history, both small-scale and large.

Recently, I became aware of how the City of Arcata has voted to remove the statue from the town square. One prominent group says this is the proper thing to do, pointing that McKinley instigated a ‘genocide in the Philippines’ in 1899.

We were at war with Spain at the time, so there is more to the story.  Afterwards, the U.S. established posts and bases in the chain of islands and we’ve maintained a presence there ever since.

It’s true that the U.S. has not always acted in the best interest of those it offers to support. This goes for those foreign lands we so-call ‘occupy,’ as well as those who live within the borders of our own nation.

But here’s the problem with expunging history based on political correctness: the human genome goes back to Africa and the Middle East. This means a complete expungement will return us all (if not you and me — than our coming generations) to this same point of origin. No one escapes the rewrite.

Too simplify this idea — if you are not Asian and insist on wearing pants, you are stealing from the Asian culture — which is ‘cultural misappropriation,’ and thus are to be expunged from ‘our’ history, which I’m sure you’ll agree is total B.S. None of this makes sense unless one breaks it down to beyond the P/C culture and realizes it is about ‘power,’ which in of itself is a politically incorrect act.

Remember what ever weapon’s called for today to destroy history and culture can and will eventually be used again at a later date. After all, it happened to Native American’s and now its ugly head has returned.


A Kitty-Cat Conversation

“You know,” Tabby said, “I really don’t mind living with my Human after all.”

Mishka responded without taking her eyes off the bird sitting on the nearby outside window sill, “Yeah, why’s that?”

“To start with, they feed us and we don’t have to work for our food like that dumb Dog does,” Tabby answered.

“Well,” Mishka stated, “I miss the hunt and if they ever leave the door or a window open, I’m gonna split this scene. Get myself some fresh meat.”

“I hear ya,” Tabby replied. “I’d also miss the entertainment factor.”

“Yeah, what entertainment is that?” Mishka asked, tail wagging furiously as she watched the bird tease her through the window.

“I mean, look at her, Mish!” Tabby demanded. “Years of yoga and she still can’t lick her own ass.”

“Point taken, Tabs,” Mishka came back, “And think how surprised she’ll be when she finally does.”

If cats could laugh, their Human would have been seriously shock. As it is, all the felines could do were purr loudly.

And in return their Human stupidly smiled at them as she attempted the ‘Eka Pada Sirsasana’ one more time.