A Kitty-Cat Conversation

“You know,” Tabby said, “I really don’t mind living with my Human after all.”

Mishka responded without taking her eyes off the bird sitting on the nearby outside window sill, “Yeah, why’s that?”

“To start with, they feed us and we don’t have to work for our food like that dumb Dog does,” Tabby answered.

“Well,” Mishka stated, “I miss the hunt and if they ever leave the door or a window open, I’m gonna split this scene. Get myself some fresh meat.”

“I hear ya,” Tabby replied. “I’d also miss the entertainment factor.”

“Yeah, what entertainment is that?” Mishka asked, tail wagging furiously as she watched the bird tease her through the window.

“I mean, look at her, Mish!” Tabby demanded. “Years of yoga and she still can’t lick her own ass.”

“Point taken, Tabs,” Mishka came back, “And think how surprised she’ll be when she finally does.”

If cats could laugh, their Human would have been seriously shock. As it is, all the felines could do were purr loudly.

And in return their Human stupidly smiled at them as she attempted the ‘Eka Pada Sirsasana’ one more time.


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