The moment he saw her, he had an erection and it stayed with him throughout the night. Ruby was her name and a redheaded firebrand to boot.

Only 12 at the time, Nick had seen her on the neighbor’s television as she gyrated in motion to the beat. He couldn’t get over how much she sounded like Janis Joplin, but was so much sexier.

It had been years since Nick thought of her. But that suddenly changed as he drove by the Stardust along the Vegas strip, where he saw her name on the flashing marquee.

He quickly parked and went in. Nick had to see Ruby perform and his stomach felt topsy-turvy as he sat down in the Starlight Lounge to watch.

Ruby was still that and more as Nick sat there recalling how he had masturbated to her image in his mind. He felt that same swell of flesh as he focused on the movement of her hips and listened as she half-crooned and half-screamed over the band playing behind her.

Soon it was two in the morning as Ruby slipped off stage behind the curtain, only to reappear seconds later at the bar in front of Nick. He paused for a moment to study her figure from behind.

“Now’s my chance to meet her.”

Trying to stay calm and look cool, Nick walked to the bar and stood beside her. Ruby smiled at him, lit a cigarette and asked, “Wanna autograph?”

Nick choked for an instant before answering, “Sure.”

“Sorry, I forgot, I’m fresh out,” Ruby sighed. As she batted her eyes at him, she added, “I guess we could go back to my dressing room and fuck.”

It was so nonchalant and disarming that Nick had to fight back cumming in his pants. She reached down and softly caressed his jean-swelling pecker with the manicured nail of her pointer finger, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Without a word Nick followed the petite redhead singer to her dressing room. He was barely in the door when she started undressing him.

His dick sprung out of its confinement like a sprint-loaded spike and Ruby was on it like a kitten on a ball of yard. Her mouth and lips pleasing, her finger nails on his balls, inviting pain-driven groans.

Soon the two were a tangled mass of undulating bodies, fucking like this, sucking here, fucking like that and licking there. Ruby shuttered beneath Nick as he battled not to unload in her for a while longer.

But soon Nick’s stiffened cock betrayed him and he painted Ruby’s insides with a load of hot jism. After, they lay together, heavy petting and passionately making out, their bodies struggling to recover.

“What brings you into the casino tonight?” she asked.

“You. I saw you were playing here tonight and I couldn’t pass up the chance to hear you sing in person,” Nick answered.

“In person, huh?”

“Yeah, I saw you on TV once.”

“Crissakes, that’s been few years ago.”

“I jerked off thinking of you mashing your hips into me back then.”

“No fucking shit…”

“Yeah, but this beats the fuck outta that.”

“Then once more for the road, mi amigo, then I gotta get home to my old man. He’s probably already wondering where the hell I am.”

Nick was far ahead of her as he slipped his hardened dick in to her juice-laden pussy as deeply as he could. She smiled as Nick kissed the flower tattoo above her swollen right nipple, before he gently began suckling it all the while cupping the breast in his left hand.

Ruby was three hours late getting home. And Nick was certain that Charles Bukowski, had he known, would be jealous.


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