Chet had locked himself out of the house yet again. He thought about calling his wife, but she was in another state visiting her mother for one more day, so he figured he could wait it out in the tool shed.

He unrolled the three sleeping bags and laid them one atop the other, cushioning him from the cold and hard cement floor. As Chet laid there he let his mind drift until he fell asleep.

It was sometime later that Chet heard strange noises. He had an old kerosene camp lantern, so he decided to light it and have a brief look around.

No sooner did he light the lantern, than the noises stopped. “Must have been dreaming.”

Chet doused the lamp, laid back down and returned to sleep in short order. Then it happened again – strange noises.

He laid still, listening and wondering what they were and where they were coming from. Chet was certain that the sounds came from somewhere inside the shed.

That’s when Chet remembered that his wife had hung a house key on a chain with a cartoonish metal monkey on it inside the shed to the left of the door. He got up, quickly retrieved it and rushed across the back yard and into the house.

While the sounds spooked him initially, Chet promptly forgot about them the moment he locked the door behind himself. His mind then focused on bed and sleep.

Soon several beings moved from the shadows, each made from nuts, bolts, washers and other odds and ends of building materials. They waited patiently for their leader, who had found a way to get inside the human’s house; their first step in world domination complete.


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