All in a Name?

While downtown at an annual event playing out along the river, I watched a four-year-old boy terrorizing both animals and other children. He chased after and tossed rocks at birds, purposely stomped on one girl’s toes and had to be warned not to tease a German Shepherd, who remained calm during the ear-pulling and tail-tugging.

“What a little monster,” I thought, reflecting on how well-behaved my son had been at that age.

Then the child’s dad called to him: “Come on Vlad, we’re leaving!”

“You don’t suppose…naah…couldn’t be,” I thought adding, “It does, however, seem to explain an awful lot.”


3 thoughts on “All in a Name?

  1. Lol! “IMPALE THEM!”

    Story time, though…

    I went to high school with a girl (woman now, I suppose) who went by the name ‘Lou.’ I mostly knew her through rock climbing club, but once I had a class with her. During the first roll call, the teacher came across her name. Her eyes widened, and she asked carefully, “Lucifer…?”

    Lou raised her hand, huffed like you’d expect from a teen, and said, “It’s Lou.”

    Lou was an ok person, but I’ve always wondered about her parents. I mean, I guess they assumed they were birthing the antichrist or something, because a normal child with the name Lucifer *has* to get the crap end of the social-order stick, especially here in the South.

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