One Pissed-off Biker Chick

It was dark and she couldn’t find her clothes, but Mariko didn’t care. She slipped from the Coven’s clubhouse wearing only her denim vest with its ‘colors’ emblazoned on the back and as the asshole who ‘roofied’ her the night before was still passed out.

In the parking lot, she slipped her getas on her feet and bare-assed climbed on ‘Broomy,’ her motorcycle. Mariko was about to leave when she spotted her black cat.

She scooped her up, putting it on the bike. “You and me need to get a better class of friends to hang with.”

Quietly, she guided ‘Broomy’ onto the street and rocketed away. A couple of miles later, her ride began to sputter and cough, so she had to stop.

And as she worked, she clicked off her personal to-do list in her head:  “Fix this, go home, grab my tanto, return, and neuter that bastard,” then aloud added, “And if I get an STD – I’m gonna do the whole effin’ coven.”


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