Tom Anderson, Esq., 1960-2018

He was the quiet one. It wasn’t because he was shy, rather it was because he’d rather watch what was going on and being said than anything else.

That’s how I remember my high school classmate Tom Anderson, who was born in Crescent City, California, June 18, 1960, but passed away April 18, at his home in San Francisco of a heart attack. Unfortunately, all I could find in the way of a photo of Tom is one from our 1978 yearbook ‘Crossroads’ — which shows how private he was about himself.

It’s hard to think that he was in a lot of pain towards the end of his life because he was always an active outdoors-kind-of-guy, enjoying bicycling, scuba diving and surfing. Tom was also extremely studious, having made the dean’s list in high school every quarter which lead to his being named in the 1978 book of “Who’s Who in American Students.”

Sometime after high school he attended the University of Hawai’i, where following graduation, he took a job as a teacher. Later on, Tom entered San Francisco’s Hastings Law School, and as was his nature, passed the California State Bar on his first attempt.

Tom was the kind of person who’d give you the shirt off his back, or better yet, he’d buy you a new one if need be. He was a rare mixture of athleticism, academia and plain old humbleness and he’ll be sorely missed.



They sat in the visitor’s room of the rest folks home where the old man reminisced and the Grandson politely listened. “Yup, the world sure’s a different place today than it was in my day.”

All to soon the Grandson said, “I can’t stay any longer Gramps, I gotta date tonight.”

“Good for you, kiddo,” Grandpa smiled as the young man began pulling on his bright red fall-out suit.

Then he watched as his Grandson walked outside and to the sidewalk. “I’d have told him to make sure he wears protection, but I know it means something totally different anymore.”