No-one sees an old man, especially one whose reached the age of invisibility. At first it hurt, knowing that people – especially women – no longer acknowledged my existence.

It’s ironic that the superpower I most coveted as a teenager was invisibility. Back then, it was because I wanted to take a sneak-peek in the girls locker room.

This is the simple fantasy of a hormone-fueled boy, in his prime. But now, I’m an invisible old man, not worth a second glance, so to hell with little-boy aspirations, bring on the big-boy plans…

“It’s the perfect time to take over the world.”


One thought on “Invisible

  1. Ummmm…..that is so NOT true Mr. Darby! You have no idea what goes on in my head when I think of you…I can tell you…you are truly “unforgettable “..

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