The Smartest Woman on Earth

They came peacefully, seeking the meaning of life. “Please, bring us the smartest person on your planet.”

After much discussion between all the world leaders, they decided that the smartest was an American woman of great renown. She was then sent to speak with the space-travelers.

After a great ceremony celebrating the friendship between the two species, they asked the woman a single question, “In less than five words, tell us what you believe to be the meaning of life.”

The newly appointed ambassador thought about her bitterness, her loss of wealth and her husband before proclaiming, “I should’ve won.”


5 thoughts on “The Smartest Woman on Earth

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    • I think it would be a very interesting thing to do. Like I said in my rules, though, I expect my guests may want to talk to each other more – and I would love to see if she and McCain say anything to each other. I think I have a thing for failed presidential candidates (but not Romney, probably because he’s young enough to try again later if he wanted).

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