We were practically side-by-side all the way into town on Pyramid Highway. The newer Subaru was slightly ahead and that’s how I came to seeing the nine-year-old boy in the back seat on the passenger side of the car.

Try as I might, I did my best not to look over at him, because every time he did, he’d stick his tongue out at me or mouth what appeared to be an obscenity. Fortunately, his mother, the car’s driver, was aware that her child was misbehaving as every time she spoke his head and eyes would snap forward.

Each time he suddenly grew ‘innocent’ was but a temporary respite as his mother’s attention would eventually return to the road and away from him. Then it got worse — he rolled down his window.

As we began to slow for the red-light at Disc Drive, the child stuck his right pointer finger up his left nostril and withdrew a long, yellow-green booger. He then flicked it out the window and onto my truck.

His mother, ever observant of his poor behavior, turned and began thrashing the boy with what looked to be a lone beach sandal. I could hear her screaming at him and he crying as the light turned green and I continued with the flow of traffic.

Looking back in my rearview mirror, I saw, some ten or eleven car lengths behind, that the kid was still catching hell from mom, who, sick of his bad behavior, was still stopped at the light, blocking traffic. I know it’s bad form, but I laughed maniacally at the sight of his being beaten, while I drove to the nearby car wash on McCarran Blvd. to clean his nastiness from my truck.