Poor Mr. Musa

‘Stella,’ I heard her name before I saw her and to do that I had to move to the front of the bunch. We’d been packed together like the proverbial ‘sardines.’

She was all that I had dreamed of, and when we made contact, we both knew it was our destiny to spend time together. Stella’s warm hand left me excited as she touched me.

As best I could, I beckoned her to take me home with her. With no hesitation, Stella did.

It was an evening of pleasure, of anticipation and of getting to know Stella. She was a complicated being and I wanted to study her, to know how best to please her every need.

The following morning, she grew serious as she peeled back my foreskin and teased me with her lips. The touch of Stella’s tongue left me harder than I ever remembered being before.

Stella gently nibbled at me until I could no longer stand it. She swallowed and swallowed all that I had to give her. It was magic, it was life and it was death as I lay emptied.

Oh, and I would spend a few further hours with my Stella, gleaning more out of the woman than perhaps anybody should. The things this ripe banana never knew, I now share with you, so be warned: Stella will chew you up, then crap you out.


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