Progressive Logic 101

Not okay for politician to transport his dog in a carrier on top of the family car while on vacation; okay for unaccomanied children to travel thousands of miles on top of trains to enter the U.S. illegally.

Illegal aliens cannot be kicked out of the country; public servants can be kicked out of a restaurant because they work for the president.

How dare anyone mistreat children in any way; if you disagree with us, we will stalk and attack your kids.

Promising to put Americans back to work by increasing taxes.

ABC keeps ‘The View’ on the air inspite of continued comments made about President Trump; ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’ after a tweet made about a former-President Obama aide.

Can free three hostages from North Korea; can’t free two ranchers from the federal government.

Not okay to call criminals like ‘MS-13’ animals; refuse to call a fetus, a baby.

It’s okay to attack a politician’s private life; cries foul when the same thing is done to them.

Bans a disruptive ‘Trump supporter’ from an airline for life; completely cowed by five Muslims engaging in loud and unsettling Islamic prayer mid-flight.

Threatening to assassinate the president is free speech; claiming that there are only two genders is hate speech.

Unable to read the 1,990 pages of the Obamacare law before passing it; claims to have read all 650,000 hidden Hillary Clinton emails in eight days.

Insists on lecturing Evangelicals on Christianity; refuse to practice what they preach.

Doesn’t want the FBI to investigate candidates; nominate candidate already under FBI investigation.

A cop shooting a knife-wielding teen is bad; doctor using a scalpel to abort unborn babies is okay.

Claims that it’s wrong for Trump to have family working in cabinet; Kennedy having family working in his cabinet is different because of it was half-century ago.

Believes abortion is Constitutional right but that the right to own and bear arms isn’t.

It’s okay to murderer your fellow-citizens as long as you give them free healthcare.

The federal government has the right to defend itself from the citizen, but the citizen is disallowed to defend himself from the federal government.

Pass a law okaying public urination; wants law passed to stop public panhandling.

Man uses a gun to attack Congress members, FBI claims it isn’t ‘terrorism,’; Man uses a knife to attack TSA agent, FBI claims it is ‘terrorism.’

Killing a gorilla to protect an innocent life is wrong while aborting 3,000 innocent lives in the U.S. each day is okay.

Claims their vote doesn’t count, so they won’t; complains that two-thirds of the U.S. population refuses to vote.

Okay to sell weapons to a country; wrong to talk to that country’s leader by phone.

Claims that ‘”Love Trumps Hate;” Actually means: “Love to Hate Trump.”

Claims the GOP is made up of a bunch of old people; plans to vote for Hillary Clinton instead.

Lets convicted drug pushers out of federal prison; but holds others in federal prison for exercising their Constitutional rights.

Students arrested for passing out pocket Consitutions on university campus; students violently riot, burn university property and no one arrested.

Insists that there be no winners or losers and every child gets a participation award; throws elaborate and expensive award shows on television for themselves.

‘Fake news’ is bad; propaganda is great.

Claims that voter ID disenfranchises certain races, yet makes it manditory for convention delegates to show an ID before entering arena.

Claims that all the emails released by WikiLeaks is fake; blames the Russians for hacking anyway.

People being investigated by the FBI shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun, but it’s okay for them to run for president.

Tech company refuses to support a U.S. political convention, but does business in countries where the murder of gays is okay.

Wants thousand’s of protesters to attend President-elect Trump’s inauguration; fail to realize they will be added to the number in attendance.

Planned Parenthood, the organization that kills more Blacks than all diseases combined, wants to get Black people “reproductive justice.”

Claims that no one could have hacked Hillary’s unsecured home server; meanwhile claims that the Russians hacked the party’s protected server.

Shames one presidential candidate for giving an interview that aired on Russian TV; completely ignore that other presidential candidate sold for personal gain 20-percent control of the nation’s uranium supply to Russia.

Believes it’s okay to limit the number of bullets in a magazine; finds it ridiculous to suggest limiting the number of quarts a pressure cooker can hold.

“Say No To Drugs,” works, but telling kid’s to say no to sex, won’t, so give them condoms instead.

Famous person gets robbed of all her jewelry in a gun-free zone; continues to promote a presidential candidate who believes in gun-free zones.

Twitter gives Islamic terror groups free reign; bans a Gay Conservative.

Claims that violent radical Islam is a ‘perversion,’ of the Islamic religion while claiming the Islamic religion has nothing to do with violent radical Islam.

Okay to claim ‘illegal aliens’ are ‘undocumented immigrants; loses it when a Black man refers to ‘African slaves’ as ‘immigrants.’

Wants free education, healthcare and cellphones; wants to eliminate the ‘free speech’ of those who disagree with them.

Take everything President Trump says literally; upset that Conservatives don’t.

Hate speech is free speech unless they disagree with what’s being said.

Worries about being ‘objectified’ by society; holds protests in the nude.

Wife earns $50,000 a year, while her husband remains unemployed; however he supposedly makes more money than her simply because he’s a man.

Hillary Clinton proclaims ‘the future is female;’ meanwhile Rosie O’Donnell wants to portray Steve Bannon on SNL.

Wants to take away guns to make the world safer; calls for violent overthrow when candidates loses.

Wants Zika virus funding to protect unborn babies; wants funding to support Planned Parenthood in their effort to abort unborn babies.

Not okay for an elected official to talk via telephone to another elected official; perfectly fine for a Hollywood actor to meet face-to-face with an escaped Mexican drug lord.

U.S. Mayors claim toughening immigration enforcement meddles with their cities’ affairs; still want federal aid.

Federal government arrest and charge a group of people for taking over a wildlife refuge; federal government ignores a group of people for taking over the same wildlife refuge.

Upset that a 15-year-old girl’s shot and killed and blames the gun; isn’t concerned that the same underage child was wandering the streets at 4 a.m.

Nothing says ‘Black Lives Matter’ like a Black man shooting and killing a Black man during a protest over a Black man shooting and killing a Black man.

Wants to cut contact between football players to a minimum; trying to create more physical contact in professional bicycling.

One man uses words and is considered a misogynist; another man uses his penis and is treated as a demigod.

Okay to criticize Christianity; criticizing Islam is disrespectful.

Guns kill people, not people; still can’t explain how people go to a gun show and manage to survive.

Ridicules Judge Jeanine Pirro for getting a speeding ticket; says nothing about attorney Gloria Allred creating false evidence.

Destroy Donald Trump’s star in Hollywood because he is elected president; leave Kevin Spacey’s star untouched even though he’s admitted to being a pedophile.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions is toxic; longtime Klansman and segregationist, Democratic Senator Robert Byrd is a paragon of virtue.

Chicago, Illinois claims it is fiscally bankrupt; city leaders spend money on ‘anti-Trump art.’

Openly blames the GOP for the condition of Black communities; ignores the fact that those same communities have been Democrat-controlled since 1964.

The mainstream media claims Russia selectively released information to help their candidate win; the same mainstream media fails to see that it did exactly that.

EPA spends millions creating regulations that bar Americans from littering; NASA spends millions creating satellite that will crash into and litter the planet Jupiter.

Applauds candidate for walking in a gay-pride parade, while ignoring the fact she gets money from countries that execute gays for being homosexual.

Claim the President-elect is Adolph Hitler, reincarnated; meanwhile the current President ‘invades’ Poland with less than a week left in office.

George Soros-funded group accuses Hungary of “hatemongering” against Soros.

You are a racist, bigot if you make a joke about KKK members smoking pot; you are protecting EVERY American liberty by supporting Black Lives Matter.

Forces the issue of transgenderism on the American people, while pointing to the ‘historical significance’ of having a female presidential candidate.

During a LGTBQ march activists display banner reading ‘Republican Hate Kills.’ Refuse to admit that the Orlando terrorist was a registered Democrat.”

Claims ‘Russia Today’ is nothing but propaganda; believes CNN, MSNBC and others are real news agencies.

Of course the cops shot LaVoy Finicum because he had a gun on his person; Can’t believe cops shot Alton Sterling because he had a gun on his person.

Books critical of ‘climate change’ are banned, but the book, “Morris Micklewhiter and the Tangerine Dress” is mandatory.

Demand White cops stop killing Black people; has nothing to say when Black man murders Black cop.

Remind everyone that their candidates has never been convicted of a crime and never on trial for one either; angry when reminded that Adolph Hitler fell under the same criteria when he came to power.

Not okay for Russia to interfere with U.S. election; okay for the U.S. president to interfere with Israel’s election.

Holds a minute of silence for Fidel Castro; continues to condemn Israel.

Fight racism by using segregation.

Doesn’t want to ‘tear families apart;’ but is okay with ‘tearing unborn babies apart.’

Concerned over toddlers getting their hands on guns; ignores all the unborn babies being aborted.

Praise Fidel Castro for 50-plus years of murderous rule; Call U.S. President-elect a dictator even though he hasn’t taken office yet.

Actress states she will not vote for Donald Trump because he’s ‘not a Christian choice’ while her claim to fame is portraying a teenaged witch on television.

The president banning travel from certain Muslim countries is unconstitutional; okay for a state to ban its employees from traveling to another state in support of gay rights.

Insists that every citizen have health insurance; won’t make sure that every person required to have health insurance is a citizen.

Willfully calls presidential nominee’s immigration plan ‘racist,’ while purposefully ignoring Mexico’s ‘racist’ immigration laws.

Not okay to refuse to bake for a Homosexual couple; okay to refuse to serve coffee to a Trump voter.

Tells people to ignore the religion of a man who yells, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ as he stabs ‘ non believers;’ insists Christian couple who build homes on TV are bigots because they don’t support abortion.

Burning the Quran is ‘hate’ speech; burning the U.S. flag is ‘free’ speech.

Mourns the loss of pre-Columbian America; celebrates the rise of the police state.

Muslim’s kill 1,300 people in 20 days, no one says a thing; one man drives into a crowd of Muslim’s, everybody loses their mind.

Plastic bags must be outlawed; plastic must be bottled encouraged.

Replace a groping Congressman with a knife-wielding, wife-beating Congressman.

Cheers when a transgendered male places third in a female sprint competition — then calls ‘her’ a winner.

Destruction of public monument’s okay; peaceful protest at a bird sanctuary isn’t.

Congress enacts laws against sexual harassment; Congress creates slush-fund to pay-off those making sexual harassment allegations.

With only 97 percent of weather scientists saying man-made global warming is real, they claim anyone who disagrees should be put in prison; but when 100 percent of all scientists say human life begins at conception — it has nothing to do with abortion.

AR-15s must be taken away from gun owners because one was used in a church shooting; ignore that fact that a man with an AR-15, stopped the same shooting from getting any worse.

Goes after marijuana laws; refuses to investigate uranium deal.

Declares President Barack Obama the first ‘social media’ president; angry that President-elect Donald Trump uses Twitter to by-pass the Progressive media.

‘Black Lives Matter’ is funded by a super-wealthy old White man named George Soros.

Angry that a FBI suspect can still buy a gun, but fine with voting for a FBI suspect to be President.

Army soldier set free after being found guilty of desertion; Marine given 10-year prison sentence for ‘abusing’ recruits during training.

It is not okay for a presidential candidate to call a judge ‘bias’ because of his racial views — but it’s okay to claim a judge suffers from ‘white privilege’ because of a disagreeable sentence.

Gets rid of John Conyers; keeps Al Franken.

Doesn’t want to perform at Donald Trumps’ inauguration; forces faith-based company to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding.

Offering people $2500 to protest President-elect Trump’s inaugural; doesn’t realize they are resorting to capitalism to protest capitalism.

Cannot build a wall to protect our borders; erects a fence to protect their convention goers.

Claims that a Trump presidency will destroy the U.S.; tries to destroy the U.S. while protesting a Trump presidency.

Christian tee-shirt designer refuses to make a shirt for gay wedding and labeled a hater; TV show host’s considered a hero after cancelling Christian gospel singer’s appearance after she criticized homosexuality.

Claims Margaret Thatcher was oppressive, even though in 1967 she fought to decriminalize homosexuality in the UK; Views Che’ Guevara as a champion of the oppressed even though he executed homosexuals.

A Muslim commits a terrorist attack and we must wait for the facts; a police officer shoots a Black person and immediately calls for violence and rioting despite of the facts.

Putting human cells in rats creates a ‘ethical nightmare;’ but abortion is still okay.

Former congresswoman does everything she can to increase gun regulations; has navy battleship, armed with eight guns and two missile systems, named after her.

Okay for the homeless to sleep outside in freezing weather; not okay to let pets sleep outside in same weather.

Up in arms over elephant hunting being legalized; says nothing about the illegal murders of people in Chicago.

Marin County is one of the richest places per capita in California; doesn’t want low-income residents or housing projects.

Says nothing after Obama pardons 201 Gitmo terrorist; loses mind when Trump pardons ex-Arizona sheriff.

A man who claims he’s being spied on by the U.S. is mentally ill; but a man who says he’s a woman is sane and oppressed if anyone refuses to believe him.

Allow illegal aliens in to the country; find sheriff guilty for arresting illegal aliens.

Planned Parenthood needs federal funding to operate; Planned Parenthood can afford to spend $370-million on a Democrat candidate.

Bad that Wikileaks published the truth about Hillary Clinton and now accusing Russia of interfering in our election process; however allowing illegal aliens to vote in a U.S. election is good.

Claims police body cameras are necessary to prevent ‘racism;’ claims body camera’s used by police are ‘racist.’

Pregnant woman is a man; baby in her womb isn’t a person.

Blame the policeman for killing the unarmed person; blame the gun, not the shooter, for killing unarmed students.

Willing to call Republicans ‘Nazis;’ but refuse to call Muslim mass-murderers ‘Terrorists.’

Claims thirteen Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential elections; but 13 million illegal aliens had nothing to do with the same elections.

U.S. Senator talks for eight-hours, defending ‘illegal aliens;’ refuses to stand in acknowledgement of family whose child was murdered by MS-13 gang members.

Hammer away at the president-elect for making fun of a disabled adult reporter; gives a pass to current president when he makes fun of disabled children who bowl.

Loves the President who misuses cigars and vaginas; hates the President who only talked about grabbing vaginas and who actually dislikes tobacco.

A former president selects a guy who describes his art as a “kill whitey thing” to do an official presidential portrait is good; saying we have an “Anglo-American” legal tradition is racist.

Claims that men make more than women; believes there’s more than two genders.

Celebrates that opioid use has dropped in Colorado since the state legalized marijuana; suppresses statistics that show deadly auto crashes are up in Colorado due to marijuana impaired driving.

Makes a fuss over a presidential candidate’s refusal release personal past tax returns while another candidate gets a pass on refusing to release public emails.

Clubbing a seal pup to death is evil; dismembering an unborn child is a societal good.

Asks that we pray for school shooting victims; refuses to allow prayer in school.

Where there’s a fire, make sure the firefighters have matches and gasoline.

Trumpets how a ‘Conservative blogger’ comes out as ‘gay’ following the terror attack in Orlando, yet fails to see the number of ‘gays’ coming out as Americans following the same event.

Investigates the possibility of ‘White supremacists’ working in the Trump White House; ignores the many ties of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Obama White House.

Claims we’re smarter than the men who wrote the U.S. Constitution; claims we’re not intelligent enough to understand the complexities of the U.S. Constitution.

Fills a memo with classified information knowing the President has a duty to prevent classified information from being released; accuses the President of a cover-up when he refuses to release the classified information.

Attacks Trump for supposedly calling Haiti a ‘shit hole;’ gives a pass on the Clinton’s, who earned 247-million dollars, with little to show for it after the 2011 earthquake in Haiti.

Only illegal aliens who have done something illegal should be deported.

Passes a law legalizing assisted suicide; creates new gun regulation to prevent suicide.